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Family movie night inspiration this holiday season

Family movie night inspiration this holiday season

Movie nights make for the best evenings, especially with family. But as the weather cools down and movie nights tend to get more frequent, keep things fun and fresh by upping your game and create memorable experiences. Here are a few
Movie marathon
This year it’s more important than ever to start new family traditions and create fun within the home. To get into the festive spirit, plan to watch movies for each of the 10 nights leading up to Christmas. Have each member of the family suggest a couple of options so everyone can enjoy.
We can’t have movie nights without snacks including popcorn. Whether it’s straight out of the bag or used in creative recipes, it’s definitely a movie-night staple.
Movie trivia
Spice things up a little bit by challenging your family to movie trivia. This game is a fun and different way to spend some of your holiday evenings together. During one (or all) of your movie nights as a family, have each person write down some questions throughout the movie. Afterwards, keep score of who gets most of the questions right. News Canada

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