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Father’s Day a special day for a special guy

Father’s Day a special day for a special guy

Acknowledging that special male role model is what Father’s Day is all about. Call him dad, father, papa, pop, daddy-o, or The Big Guy – or uncle, grampa, or big brother – the male of the species offers a special worldview to younger ones: role model, teacher, and confidante. When acknowledging the man in their life as they celebrate Father’s Day, children and partners of all ages are less likely to go with that old cliché – the necktie – and more apt to opt for a gift coupon that reflects his interests. With that in mind, the following are some ideas to honor Dad or another special man in your life.

Whether the guy enjoys golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, or another sport like hunting or fishing, chances are there is a television broadcast on the subject to watch together. Or surprise him with tickets to a sporting event, or golf passes, or plan to make a day of it at the park watching local teams play.

A relaxing day at the beach may be the perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Father’s Day a special day for a special guy Dad can enjoy the entire family while sitting back in his beach chair and watching the waves roll in. Pack a picnic lunch with his favorite foods and a cold beverage, and Dad may just say this was his best celebration yet.

For the man who enjoys living on the edge, consider a Father’s Day activity built around action and adventure: rock climbing, scuba diving, or a kayak exploration up Sechelt Inlet. Any of these activities is bound to get his adrenaline pumping.

Then again, for the man who alaady has enough excitement in his life, thank you very much, consider the gift of quiet – a day spent in peaceful contemplation of a new book, with dinner at his favourite local restaurant or even a home-cooked meal to follow.

However it’s celebrated, make sure the Father’s Day activities and recognition fit with the personality – and the needs – of that special guy. And forget the tie.

Heather Jeal, Editor

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