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Fending off the winter blues

Fending off the winter blues

On the Sunshine Coast our winter season can be a bit of a grey and rainy season. Yes, we still get beautiful sunny days here and there but I’m going to share tips on getting through the stretches of greyer weather.

Really, the same tips apply year-round: be active, be social, eat healthy, and learn new things.

First – being active. There are all kinds of options for Coasters, from gyms to yoga classes, to the rec centres and all their activities. There are organized sports like pickleball, badminton, hockey, swimming and much more. Go for a walk with a friend. Who cares if you get wet in the rain for 30 minutes; you’ll enjoy your hot shower afterwards. There is even snow shoeing and cross-country ski options at Dakota Ridge and a shuttle to take you up there.

Physical activity causes your brain to release dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin which boosts your mood and sense of well-being. 

Second – be social. Make a point of getting together with friends. One on one or group coffee dates, take that walk together, that dance class, or a sports drop-in night. (Social media doesn’t count.) No friends yet?  Make some. There are all kinds of clubs and societies on the Sunshine Coast; find one that matches your interests or just start a group.

Third – eat healthy. Fresh food is good medicine for your mind and body. 

Fourth – learn something new. Know that you’re not the only one that can feel unmotivated and more comfortable on your couch flipping through social media. But that won’t necessarily boost your spirits. Find a YouTube channel on a hobby you’ve always wanted to develop. Then don’t just watch sewing, for example, dust off your sewing machine and sew that project you’ve been putting off.  

In summary, grey or not, get out and be active. And add a bit more socialness to your life. After all, your friend or neighbour will be grateful you got them out of their funk by asking them out for coffee or a walk. 

On that note…

Pender Hill is a “must do” trail on BC’s Sunshine Coast. A short 30-minute hike will reward you with spectacular ocean views.

The trailhead is found in Garden Bay which is 45 minutes north of Sechelt. Once at the trail, you’ll find a well-worn, uphill path that winds through forested land and lush, mossy vegetation.

There are a couple of short steep sections where you’ll scramble up a rocky surface. If the rock is wet, remember to be extra careful. While not a difficult hike, it’s not wheelchair accessible.

The top is mostly open and provides expansive views. Here you’ll see Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, and Madeira Park.  To the west is Georgia Strait and views of Texada and Vancouver Islands.

Bring a drink, snacks, and your camera because you’ll want to hang out at the top. Visit my website for more info on Pender Hill, including links and a map.

Tony Browton is an award-winning Realtor who lives and works on BC’s Sunshine Coast. 

His weekly blog can be found here

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