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Ferry Meeting Friday

Ferry Meeting Friday

Representatives from BC Ferries will be in Sechelt, Friday October 24 to hear from the public, as the latest statistics show a slight increase in traffic the Sunshine Coast.

Vehicle traffic in September was up 2.8 per cent compared with one year earlier, while foot passengers traffic was up 2.3 per cent.  

“No doubt the excellent weather might have been a contributory factor,” Jakob Knaus, of the Lower Sunshine Coast Ferry Advisory said in a statement.

“Have we found the floor, or is this just a hiccup in the overall downward trend? Only the future will tell. We are faced with another 4 per cent increase in April, 2015.”

The ferry advisory board and representatives from BC Ferries will hold a public meeting at the

District of Sechelt building, October 24, from 1pm to 3pm. The public can make presentations, provided they first contact the advisory committee chair 

Barry Cavens at or 604-886-8696. Presentations will be limited to five minutes or less.

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