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Fixed-link concept makes for new exhibit at Museum

Fixed-link concept makes for new exhibit at Museum

new matt lovegroveThis July at the Museum, we are excited to be launching “Fixed,” our new feature exhibit that explores the community conversation about creating a permanent, driveable link to the Sunshine Coast. Known today as a “fixed link,” people have been talking about building a road to Squamish since the 1950s, around the same time that car ferries were introduced to the Sunshine Coast.

The exhibit explores the history of travelling to the Sunshine Coast, the introduction of the first car ferry and the community conversation observed in local newspapers from the 1950s-present. The exhibit will also feature the latest report that highlights two possible connections: the Anvil Island bridge and the road to Squamish. Do you think that a fixed link would change the Sunshine Coast? Come down to explore “Fixed” this summer and have your say.

To celebrate the launch of “Fixed”, we will be hosting an event on Thursday, July 6, 7-9pm, in collaboration with adventure storytelling group “Boldly Went”. The night will kick off with a talk by Geoff Breckner, the trail builder responsible for the Squamish to Sunshine Coast trail. Geoff has been working for many years creating a biking/hiking fixed link to the coast by connecting historic logging roads and building trail in the remote wilderness north of Salmon inlet. Geoff will speak about the success and challenges in pioneering a 75km-plus trail that will allow users to travel from Squamish to the Sunshine Coast. Following Geoff’s talk will be “Boldly Went” – a storytelling event where people in the audience will have the opportunity to share their own coastal adventure stories. Do you have a story of outdoor adventure that you would like to share? Put your name in the hat, and if you are picked, share your adventure story (10 minute max). Tickets for the evening are $10 – visit  or call 606-886-8232 for
more info.

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