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I’ve read a number of letters now criticizing the pick-up truck carting around the portable toilet with its “ Flush the John” and “Vote for Bruce Milne” stickers.“ OK, enough already. If it’s purpose is as a Campaign Bus then let’s be respectful but if the trucks owner has some incontinence issues requiring immediate relief then let’s be compassionate!

Kidding aside, let’s focus on the serious issues affecting our hometown and listen to the facts, not the innuendo. Let’s look forward to positive and sensitive controlled growth and let’s get things done. Most important for our long-term well being as a community is to encourage investment in Sechelt. Not just capital investment but human investment. As in the type of investment, which causes us to come together as a team and foster social well-being for everyone. A Mayor and Council play a huge roll in what does or doesn’t get done. Stagnation and indecision is not the answer. And neither is apathy. So, let’s get the facts, consider our choices and on November 15th (advance polls Nov, 5th and 12th) be sure to get out and vote, because every vote counts!

Geoff White, Sechelt 


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