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Four ways to give greener gifts this holiday season

Four ways to give greener gifts this holiday season

The traditions we embrace this time of year so often come wrapped in layers of paper, reams of plastic and mountains of disposable shopping bags – which all have a negative impact on our planet.
In a typical year, Canadians will see household waste increase by 25 percent between November and New Year’s Day. Gift wrap and shopping bags are the biggest culprits, sending about 545,000 tonnes to the landfill every year.
COVID-19 has made this year anything but typical. Across the country, household waste is steadily increasing thanks to the return of single-use items like masks and gloves, a summer full of home renovations and a dramatic rise in online shopping.
How can we enjoy giving while caring for our planet? Here are four ways to help keep the green in
1. Carry reusable shopping bags.
It’s a no-brainer. And if you’re concerned about getting mincemeat on that new sweater for grandma, keep some for groceries, and others only for gifts.
2. Skip the wrapping.
Choose re-usable gift bags, recyclable paper, or send an e-gift card. You can also make a donation in someone’s name.
3. Re-gift or buy second hand.
Set the tone by inviting others to do this for you. Thrift shops can be filled with treasures, many of which are nearly new, and they’re much less hectic than the malls.
4. Think homemade.
You don’t need to be a DIY diva to make a gift with impact. Sweet treats like chocolate bark or spritz cookies are always a welcome festive present. Get crafty and make some new ornaments for the tree. The love that goes into your gift will go a long way.
Aside from saving on money and gas, you might find your stress level is lower, too. You’ll also have time to breathe in that crisp December air – knowing you’re helping keep it that way.
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