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Free postcards

Free postcards

(Open letter to Minister Anand, President Ettinger-Canada Post, and Board)
I am a very concerned (fifth generation) citizen of this great country, and I see more and more ways that the government, including government corporations, are driving the taxpayer deeper and deeper into debt. Have you noticed this?
Another small example is Canada Post sending every household a free postcard to mail to a loved one.
The COVID-19 pandemic is killing millions of people across our country. Businesses have closed, some forever. Citizens not having a roof over their heads, or little to eat, no job, no hope for the future, but you can spend over $13.5 million on postcards! Boy, oh boy, someone in Ottawa better wake up to reality. People need real help in all aspects of their lives right now, and a piece of paper doesn’t cut it. All your postcard does is add to our tax burden. If you really wanted to help people, take that $457 million (2019) that you propose to invest in “a greener Canada Post” and invest that in the people of Canada who need help with mortgage payments on their homes or businesses. So many need help in a variety of
According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, “Canada’s national debt is increasing $10,000 per second, $43 million per hour or $1 billion every day.” Has the government reached a trillion-dollar national debt?
When will the government stop increasing our tax load and look to ways to decrease this gigantic debt?
Vel Anderson,Elphinstone

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