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From the publisher’s desk…

From the publisher’s desk…

It has been reported recently by Sunshine Coast Tourism that we hosted an additional 30,000 visitors this past summer. Visitors from the USA, from the Island, from other locales, but the majority it seems were from other parts of BC.   We all know why.  Many tell us that we live in paradise, with our warm climate, our spectacular views, our close to year round arts and culture community, our outdoor lifestyle, our closeness to mainland Vancouver, our affordable housing and our thriving retirement community.

Flip the coin however and we can tell you that even in our own province a lot of people and businesses have never heard of the Sunshine Coast to this day. In 2008 my husband and I decided to visit searching for a weekend place closer to Vancouver. We travelled to the interior, to the Island and to the USA to find our retreat, but within two weeks of finding this place called the Sunshine Coast, we purchased our first weekend getaway. That was in 2008.  Word wasn’t out yet I guess about this gem.

Fast forward to 2016 and lets review the current stats. January 2016, according to reports, showed real estate sales matching traditional June numbers, and by June the inventory was quite low including rental properties. Those who were renting their properties out decided to sell to capitalize on the over-asking sale prices. Why the spike? Overflow from the bursting Vancouver market overcome by buyers who are overseas investors? Local Vancouverites priced out of the market?  Our affordable housing? Our attractive lifestyle? It’s hard to say.

This leads me to Viewpoint and some research by investigative reporter Brian Coxford who joined the Sunshine Coast Business Magazine this edition to talk about market demand versus delays in development and construction. Brian reached out to key developers in our towns for their opinion and also to local decision-makers in the political arena.   While respectful management of our resources and infrastructure play a key role in managing growth the view is that growth is inevitable, Let’s get started.

On a lighter note Sunshine Coast Business Magazine introduces you this edition to some treasures we have found along the way. These treasures are some of our celebrity residents and other locals giving back to community. Our Local newspaper Arts & Culture writer, Anna Nobile, introduces us to Bonnie Sherr Klein, a Roberts Creek resident. And if you know Dr. Bruce Woodburn, do you know what he is doing with his retirement years? Rik Jespersen reveals all. And another treat within the magazine is Caitlin Hicks and Gordon Halloran who were treated to some Signature Dishes on the Sunshine Coast. Delicious!

We take great pride in our work here at the Local and the Sunshine Coast Business Magazine. We would love to hear from you about other treasures on the Sunshine Coast for our next edition and when you have visitors please give them a copy of SCBM to take home!  We are sure they will spread the word!

A special thank you to Mike Zanchetta and Bev Coxford in sales and John Gibbs in editorial for their valued contributions.

Susan Attiana, Publisher

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