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FUSE Sunshine Coast

FUSE Sunshine Coast

As sophisticated as a laptop-based business can be, there are professional expectations and requirements that demand more than working from the kitchen table at home.

Enter FUSE Work Hub.  Need office space?  Meeting space?  Networking space?  FUSE has offices up and down the Coast that provide vital professional space to help bridge that gap for growing businesses.

With state-of-the-art, app-powered automatic door locks, private conference rooms, printers, high-speed internet, white-boards that roll across the carpet, and yes, even an address to deliver pizza to, FUSE workspace shines bright for future business.

Can you get your mail delivered to FUSE?  Maybe.

Is it somewhere you can bring a date or a group of friends to party?  No, not really.

But does it have the potential to be a vital circuit for small business acceleration on the Coast?  YES!

With a laptop, coffee cup and monthly membership, FUSE provides a curated professional space to conduct remote work, 1-on-1 sessions, group meetings, and after-hour social events.  Accessible locations make it easy for clients to join you for a sit-down in a climate-controlled and fern-bedecked office.

FUSE is a place to work, a place to meet clients and peers, a place to design that killer app that is going to change the world.  Whether for local or remote work, FUSE is equipped to meet modern business needs: Smart TVs on the wall, presentation equipment in the cupboards and a caffeine and cookie-filled kitchen.

With all of the amenities of an office available in downtown cores across the Coast, FUSE membership isn’t just about renting a space – it’s about getting down to business.

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