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Gallery not what it seems

Gallery not what it seems

I read your yesterday’s editorial with great interest! I had gone to another newspaper to see if they would do a little story about being a neighbour of Goldmoss Gallery and they said that they would not take sides. It seemed like you had already taken sides so I did not come to your paper, but after reading your editorial, now I am sure. The Roberts have told everyone that they built the ‘gallery’ as a home, and there it is in print that they built it as a gallery. I think it is in the minutes of the SCRD meeting that they built it as a home. Lee’s words. They have been running the gallery for 4 years illegally and no we have not complained to the SCRD, but we complained to the Roberts. Oh, that does not count as a complaint as you can read in your article. He makes that very clear. You have to complain to the proper authority. We did not know that it was illegal. Would you have guessed that someone would have to start one of these next door to you and then not ask for forgiveness, but ask for more!

What does that mean, ‘they decided to pursue rezoning to get any issues sorted sooner than later? They were reported! They could not continue as they were! There are some borderline untruths there. They did not get to decide. A neighbour complained and then the SCRD had to follow it up.

In closing it was the Roberts responsibility to put the announcement for the meeting about the rezoning at the Roberts Creek hall on Monday the 8, in both papers, but failed to do so. They can run a gallery and be a very successful business in Vancouver, but he can not get an announcement in the paper. It makes one wonder.

Not everything is as it seems and do not believe everything you hear. We did at first. I have lived on this property for 22 years and have enjoyed the quiet. Now I have amplified music and a festival next door for the two most beautiful long weekends of the the year.. That would be all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday and I can not leave and go home. I am home. They interfer with our quiet life. It is not just a gallery. A gallery we can stand and have never minded, and that is why it existed so long. It is the festivals and the loss of our rights!

Jane Griffiths

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