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Get the maximum exposure for your property

Get the maximum exposure for your property

How your home is marketed is the largest factor in deciding how quickly and for how much it will sell. Here are some effective things that you, or your realtor can do to achieve maximum exposure for your property

Photos, video, floorplan

The first order of business is to take professional photos, to get a floorplan drawn up, and to create a video home tour. Photos are often the first exposure to your property so it’s critical that these images portray your home in its best possible light while creating an emotional reaction with potential buyers.

A good floorplan is literally a map that details the size and layout of your home. Having your property precisely measured by a professional provides additional piece-of-mind to all parties: everyone knows that the square-footage being advertised is recent and accurate.

Next is the video tour. Video is something that buyers expect to see and is an absolute must-have for every listing. A large portion of Sunshine Coast buyers come from out-of-market and a walkthrough tour allows them to experience your home wherever they are in the world. These videos also help to eliminate unnecessary and intrusive viewings – the only people visiting your home in person will be buyers that have qualified themselves by watching your video. This can be a real time-saver if you work from home or have kids. It’s especially helpful for showing revenue properties. Instead of negotiating showing times with your tenant, potential buyers are screened using the video.

Getting exposure is key

Once photos, the floorplan, and the video are in place, use them to advertise your listing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Real Estate Weekly. Using paid advertisements, target the specific demographics and regions that are most likely to be interested in your home.

Your goal here is to get the most amount of exposure possible for your home in the shortest amount of time. More people seeing your home means more interest in your property and that translates to a quicker sale at a higher value.

Advertising for buyers

As successful as this strategy is, it should only be one piece of your marketing plan. While promoting your listing, you can also be advertising for out-of-market buyers. Using video and audio marketing, highlight the Sunshine Coast as an ideal location in which to live and invest. The audience that consumes this content will then be directed to your listing(s). This type of marketing ensures that you have a steady pipeline of potential buyers that are falling in love with the idea of living on the Sunshine Coast.

A strategy for attracting local buyers includes social media but you should also invest in traditional media on the Sunshine Coast. Print media is particularly effective at connecting with an older demographic so local papers, magazines and The Sunshine Coast Real Estate Magazine are all good options.

Virtually staging, 3D tours

Depending on your specific property, you may want to consider virtually staging or virtually renovating your property. This is when the original photos are edited to show what your home could look like with different furniture or finishes.  Burnt Boat Media is located on the Sunshine Coast and offers most of the services detailed above, including the virtual staging and virtual renovating

An interactive Matterport tour can also be of benefit for some properties. A Matterport tour is like a virtual dollhouse of your property that allows remote buyers to walk through without leaving their couch.

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