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Get your home ready for listing in spring

Get your home ready for listing in spring

Spring is one of the most popular times to buy and sell properties on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Flowers are in bloom, the weather starts to warm up and potential buyers are looking for their new home to move into before the new school year.

It may still be winter, but if you’re considering putting your property on the market this spring, here are 10 things you can do now to get your home ready for listing in spring.

1. Get started with an early “spring clean”. From windows to inside cupboards, a top to bottom clean is a great way to prepare your home for sale.

2. Give the gardens a once-over, including weeding, removing dead plants, planting some new plants in dead spaces and adding a layer of mulch to ensure your home looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

3. Look after those long-term maintenance issues you’ve been putting off – fix up any peeling paint, get the carpets cleaned professionally (or replaced if they are worn through), clean grout and replace any tiles that are cracked.

4. Declutter by donating or disposing of any items you no longer need – paperwork, kids’ toys, unused furniture. Consider whether you need to replace older furniture or if you transform pieces by using throw rugs or cushions to give your home an affordable “makeover”.

5. Open the windows to get the fresh air flowing through the house. This will help get rid of any smells that may have built up over winter. Keep an eye out for any mould or mildew that may have built up on windows, window frames, ceiling fans or lights and give it a good clean.

6. All the decluttering and cleaning will disturb pests that may have been in hiding. If you do have a pest problem, it is a good idea to get this done now. If you do find you have a pest problem The Pest Detective on the Sunshine Coast offers a full array of pest control services visit or call 604-886-7373.

7. If the property you are selling is vacant, consider staging it or getting some virtual staging done. This will ensure your home is looking it’s best. You only get the one chance to make a first impression. One option on the Coast is phone 604-741-7487

8. Replace any burnt-out light bulbs. Philips LED are my personal go-to. Just as the sun’s true natural daylight brings colours to life, Philips LED provides that instantaneous warm glow to enhance your home interior. Available at London Drugs.

9. Get a valuation from a local realtor. You’re best to get at least three so that you get a good idea of where your home is sitting in the market and the list price you should be looking at.

10. Get professional photos, video and floor plan done. Video is something that buyers expect to see and is an absolute must-have for every listing. A lot of Sunshine Coast buyers come from out-of-market and a video tour allows them to experience your home wherever they are in the world. For floor plans visit or call 604-958-1888. My go-to for photos and video is phone 604-994-0092.

Tony Browton is an award-winning Realtor who lives and works on BC’s Sunshine Coast. 

His weekly blog can be found here

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