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Getting ready for boating

Getting ready for boating

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR) is excited to welcome an early Spring on the Sunshine Coast. With the advent of warmer weather, the all-volunteer Station 12 in Sechelt /Halfmoon Bay would like to help boaters launch a safe boating season with the following helpful reminders:

• Your local Marine Search and Rescue team is now offering FREE Pleasure Craft Safety Checks. Intended as a helpful vessel inspection, a volunteer crew member will conduct a complimentary review of your boat’s safety equipment. Should anything (like lifejackets, flares, fire extinguisher, horn, strobes) be missing, outdated or non-functional, THERE WILL BE NO PENALTY! We simply offer an itemized list of recommended items to keep you and your family safe for the season and compliant with Transport Canada’s requirements. We want to promote safety on the water, through community awareness and boater preparedness.
• Spring cleaning /restocking applies to boats, too! Your marine search and rescue team recommends a comprehensive review of your boat’s equipment and supplies before the season begins. You can stock up on necessary safety items at Secret Cove Marina (opens April 3) and Lighthouse Marine in Porpoise Bay.

• Eyes on the water: citizens who witness marine incidents are encouraged to contact to report a marine emergency call 1-800-567-5111 or *16. RCM-SAR has three teams of local volunteer crews on the Lower Sunshine Coast, including Station 14 (Gibsons), Station 12 (Halfmoon Bay) and Station 61 (Pender Harbour). Community support and watchful lookouts are always appreciated.

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