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Gibsons Elementary School demolition

Gibsons Elementary School demolition

A demolition contractor has begun work on stripping the interior of the old Gibsons Elementary school, but not the heritage building, Town of Gibsons reported.

They will begin crushing the building structure and hauling the material away over the next few weeks. In order to allow the demolition to proceed with minimum impact on the students, the contractor plans to remove the portion of the old school closest to the new school first. This work was to be carried out on the weekend of September 27 and 28. “Please note that all hazardous material have already been removed from the building,” their social media page reported, adding, “on behalf of School District No. 46, thank you for your understanding and patience with the on-going construction activity.”

If you require additional information on the project, please contact Deborah Luporini at 604-886-2612 or by email

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