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Gibsons Florist: Living life in full bloom

Gibsons Florist: Living life in full bloom

The power of a single bloom has the ability to elicit past memories. It can dig up emotions from a moment in time, bring joy and beauty to an event, show support and provide consolation when words are hard to come by. Do you remember the first time you received or gave flowers? What memory does that evoke?

Two years ago, Laurel and Wendy became owners of Gibsons Florist. Laurel had thought about owning her own flower shop for years but life always had other plans for her time. Mostly self taught through travel, reading, experimenting, and experience, she moved to different cities and countries via the path of florals. The world renowned floral artists she worked under were very generous with sharing their skills, allowing her to learn from the best. Laurel has taken that passion and cultivated a blooming life.

The current floral industry has blossomed and with it the availability of plants, blooms, greenery and styling. The industry is “very exciting,” comments Laurel. “There is so much available from all over the world now.” Laurel buys blooms direct from the Holland market, which allows for greater variety of products and competitive pricing, as well as hand-picking the best quality flowers from local auctions two to three times per week to support BC growers.

Over the years she has realized that flowers touch the most intimate parts of our lives; from births to brides to burials, we commemorate with flowers. Laurel is gracious and understands  “it is an honour to be a part of people’s lives” and realizes that she is a “keeper of people’s emotions.” Using her creative skills as a floral designer, she and her team transform clients’ feelings into floral designs.

Recognizing the gifts Laurel’s mentors gave her, she and Wendy run their business with “egos checked at the door.” They believe that in order to create an environment
where the flowers are the star they need to come together to bring each other’s skills and creative artistry to the forefront.

Staff member and designer Cindy has been with Gibsons Florist for 12 years and provided the continuity between Diane (previous owner) and Laurel and Wendy. With four wonderful designers, drawing from 120 years of combined floral artistic intellect, all with their own magical talents in floral design, Gibsons Florist is poised as the most exciting and creative floral shop on or off the Coast. They have both the access to flowers from around the world and the knowledge to make your most elaborate floral designs come to life.

Laurel is grateful for Sunnycrest Mall’s dedication to creating an environment that supports all the stores and especially to the SuperValu for working with her to make sure they don’t step on each other’s floral sales as “a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Cultivating relationships and commitment to quality has always been a keystone for Laurel and Wendy. Whether creating arrangements for an aesthetically cohesive event or finding that perfect bloom for that special someone, Gibsons Florist is blooming with creativity, joy, and looks forward to being part of your next memory.

Sunnycrest Mall, 604-886-7795.

– Natalie Findlay

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