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Gibsons Legion remembers V-E Day

Gibsons Legion remembers V-E Day

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Gibsons Legion Colour Party gathers for V-E Day memorial service at Seaview Cemetery.
photo Heather Jeal

As military veterans across the country commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic on Sunday, May 5, the Gibsons Legion gathered at Seaview Cemetery to remember the end of the European conflict on land, at sea and in the air (V-E Day) and salute their comrades.

The Trooping of the Colours, the national anthem, and the sounding of Reveille preceded a brief but touching service conducted by Gibsons Legion Director Bill Perlstrom. After the pipe band played a lament and the bugle sounded The Last Post, veterans and cadets stepped forward to light the candles to be placed at the gravesides of those who had served in the military or merchant marine during wartime.

Perlstrom noted that this is the first year the Legion has marked V-E Day, and hopes it will become an annual event. “The Legion doesn’t forget their comrades,” he said. “This is an appropriate way to show our respect for their service.”

Heather Jeal,
Contributing Writer

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