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Gibsons looks to positive future, new directions

Gibsons looks to positive future, new directions

As we enter 2013, we anticipate building on the foundation of the strategic direction laid in Council’s 2012 Strategic Plan.
One of our main objectives is to strengthen the Town’s economic future by providing a sustainable vision for balanced growth that benefits our existing businesses while attracting new opportunities and increasing local employment.
To support that objective, Council recently created an Economic Development Select Committee. Composed of between seven and nine members (including two members of Council), the Committee will focus on a spirit of cooperation and encourage community involvement in the economic development process and outcomes. With this Committee, we have an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and work together to grow the community we want and need.
The Town has advertised for volunteers, and a number of business and community leaders have stepped forward.  Representing a broad range of community interests, the Committee members selected will provide a rich source of “hands-on” information and experience.
As well, we continue to work closely with our regional partners in Elphinstone and West Howe Sound to jointly promote our communities economic health.
To kickstart the process of sharing information and receiving community input, the Town and its community partners will host an Economic Development Summit, expected to be held in late February. Details will be advertised in local media, on the Town’s website ( and the Town’s Facebook page (

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