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Gibsons noise bylaw moves forward

Gibsons noise bylaw moves forward

A bylaw to regulate noise and set quiet hours in Gibsons moved from committee review to council consideration on Sept. 8. Anti-Noise Bylaw No. 1285 is under consideration by council. If it receives support, adoption could happen as early as Oct. 6.
Under the new bylaw, quiet hours in the Town would be from 10pm to 7am Monday to Thursday. On weekends those hours move to between 11pm and 8am. On Jan. 31, noise would be permitted up to 1am on New Years Day.
Construction noise would be permitted as early as 7am and could continue to 8pm on weekdays. On weekends, those times shift, allowing work between 8am and
A section regarding the use of power equipment in construction and for other purposes like lawn mowing was added to the new bylaw. Noise from those types of uses would be allowed 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and statutory holidays, power tool noise would be restricted to 9am to 6pm.
In July, council asked staff to produce a new draft bylaw that updated its current 1980 version, requesting expansion of time restrictions for construction activities and the use of power tools. Those issues have led to numerous public complaints.
At the committee meeting, Councillor David Croal noted that many in the community are aware of the provisions in the new bylaw and are looking to adapt to it. While other committee members questioned the ability of the Town to enforce the new rules with a single bylaw enforcement officer, Croal stated that adopting an updated version was “a start in the right direction.” He noted that the addition of measurable noise limits could be added to the legislation by amending the bylaw at a later
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