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Gifts for the folks with everything

With lifetimes of experiences and seemingly everything they could ever want or need in life already at their disposal, seniors can be difficult to shop for come the holiday season. Many even insist that their family members save their money and not buy them anything for the holidays.

But if the thought of Grandma or Grandma not having something to open come the holidays is simply unacceptable, consider the following gift ideas.

Activity assistance devices

The realities of getting older often mean the body slows down and activities may not be as easy as they used to be. Many active seniors are not ready to live sedentary lives, nor should they be forced to do so. Plenty of products exist that can make life easier and more comfortable for older adults.

Television amplifying headphones are one product that can be a great fit for seniors, particularly those having difficulty hearing their televisions. The headphones amplify the sound of the programming without disturbing others in the room, and many such headphones even allow users to mute their televisions. This feature is perfect for someone who likes to watch TV while a spouse is sleeping or reading in the same room.

Other devices that can make life easier for seniors include magnifying products or bookholders. In addition, gel seat cushions can take pressure off of the spine in the car or at home.


Food is always a handy gift because it doesn’t take up much room and can be enjoyed at a recipient’s leisure. Perhaps there is something the senior in your life used to enjoy as a child but now finds hard to come by. A search of the Internet may uncover that special treat. You may be able to ship a specialty soft drink or favorite cookie that is not available in a nearby store. Otherwise, ask a store manager if a particular item that’s not in stock in the store can be a special order.


What grandparent does not enjoy looking at his or her family members? Computer-savvy men and women can use photo software to design personalized photo books, calendars, mugs, and other photo-related gifts. Just about anything can be emblazoned with a photo, including tote bags and pillows.

Another idea is to collect old photos and compile a memory book. Scan the images so they are preserved digitally and then print out the images in a book that includes the family history.


Seniors who truly do not want or need anything probably will likely jump at the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Treat a friend or family member to a meal out or simply spend a few hours chatting at his or her home. Sometimes the company of a new face and good conversation is the ideal gift.



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