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Girard: Innovation and the new school curriculum

Girard: Innovation and the new school curriculum

When we talk about innovation in School District 46, we think of key words and the “core competencies” that promote individuality, resourcefulness, and resilience. These skills and attributes will assist our children and young people to be able to move in the flow of the present moment with a mindset that will help them work within and adapt to their current environment.

It brings to mind the implementation of the new curriculum which we are very excited about at School District #46 on the Sunshine Coast.

We as a district can be ‘innovative’ in our approach to delivering the new curriculum to our children in an environment that is exciting, contemporary, cutting-edge, inventive, creative and challenging to both staff and students. We are also very cognizant of our teachers and how we can help them to deliver this new curriculum with all the tools they need in order for it to be successful.

Literacy and numeracy are the mainstays, no matter how “modern technology” and advances rain upon us as we move into the 21st Century.  We want to support and encourage our young people to embrace the simple basics of reading, writing and mathematics in order to create those core competencies that will sustain and maintain them for their entire lives.

We actively stay abreast of the new teaching methods like the reading/talking Google apps which encourage reading through other methods of learning – i.e. audio, visual, sensory, and experiential learning.  We as trustees were so impressed when we saw innovative education in action during our school tours, where a group of Grade 3 students were working with this new interactive app that uses a more collaborative, correlative and visual approach to learning and teaching.

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