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Girard: Realizing our mission

Girard: Realizing our mission

Our mission:

“We support and inspire each student to experience joy and fulfillment in realizing their potential as a knowledgeable, confident, and contributing citizen in the Global Community.”

When School District 46 was collaboratively gathering information and input from our three circles of care, students, staff and community, we were very cognizant of our contributing stakeholders.  It was a great cross section of ideas in developing our mission statement for the new strategic plan which assisted us in formulating our goals for the ensuing four years.

The Core Competencies are the foundation of every young person’s development, and they have been cleverly integrated and woven into the fabric of the new teaching curriculum, contributing to the overall formation of resourceful, complete, contributing and well-adapted human beings.  We are fortunate to offer courses, programs and classes that appeal to a wide range of young people’s interests and strengths in all walks of life from the fine arts, music, theatre, sports and physical education, cooking, and some incredible trades programs along with solid academics and some university credits. It’s an exciting time to be involved in education on the Sunshine Coast and in supporting the implementation of a dynamic new strategic plan.

It is our mission.

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