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Goldsmith-Jones: Derelict vessels on federal radar

Goldsmith-Jones: Derelict vessels on federal radar

pam golsmith jonesOn June 6, MP Bernadette Jordan from Nova Scotia introduced her private member’s Motion 40 on derelict and abandoned vessels.  On behalf of the government of Canada I introduced amendments to strengthen the motion.  I will be working closely with Transport Canada to broaden the definition that reflects challenges on the west coast.  Based on the work of many in our community, we refer to the matter as abandoned and derelict vessels, barges and docks.  Transport Minister Garneau is taking the lead on this, which is very good news. My presentation to the House of Commons can be viewed on my website:

June 6 is also the day that the Supreme Court decision in the Kay Carter case with regard to medical assistance in dying became law.  The journey to pass Bill C14 is ongoing.  Kay Carter’s daughter lives in our riding.  It was a pleasure to be able to introduce her to MP Bob Oliphant when she and her brother were here in Ottawa.  Mr. Oliphant co-chaired the special joint committee that heard 60 witnesses and authored a forward thinking report to inform government legislation.  The report went farther than the Carter case recommendations.  For many Canadians this is good news – issues like advanced directives, extending the right to medical assistance in dying to mature minors, and requests where mental illness is the sole underlying condition were recommendations of the special joint committee.  For others, these recommendations go too far. Bill C14 does not include these provisions, and Minister Philpott is committed to undertake studies and further discussion with Canadians on these specific questions as soon as the bill becomes law.  This is a prudent course, all things considered.  I have received hundreds of letters from people who are opposed to medical assistance in dying.  Given the Supreme Court decision that considers this a right, the government needed to create legislation that would govern all provinces in Canada.  My thanks to Mr. Oliphant for coming to the West Vancouver Memorial Library and providing an overview of the process, his views, his stand that is contrary to the government’s, and his support for those of us who voted in favour and who embrace exploration of the questions that lie ahead.

June 6 also marks the 72nd anniversary of D-Day. We will remember them.

The House sits for the month of June. Through the summer we will hold consultations. Please contact us at 604-913-2660 if you would like to sign up or for more information. Topics will include: climate change, electoral reform, wild salmon policy, derelict vessels, real estate and housing, and the review of the environmental review process. These are known policy priorities for our constituents, but we are always open to suggestions from you.

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