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Gospel Rock Path Removal Process

Gospel Rock Path Removal Process

Gibsons Council supported the Sunshine Coast Conservation Associations’ (SCCA) call to remove the multi-user path from the Gospel Rock development area slated for ecosystem protection.
At the Oct 6 Council meeting, Director of Planning, Lesley Anne Staats explained that taking that path out of the permit and plan for that development requires agreement from the property owner. Council authorized staff to start discussions to do that.
Members of Council and the SCCA expressed frustration at the length of time it is taking to finalize the covenant to protect the green space. Staats noted that the covenant was one of a number of conditions that the developer has to meet for land subdivision approval, which is needed to proceed with the project. Greenlane Homes is planning to build commercial as well as 360 residential units on the 47-acre Block 7 site, located along Gower Point Road. Approximately 46 percent of the block is to be protected from development by covenant for park and greenspace.
Staats explained that the pace of the permitting process is “developer driven”. It is up to the applicant to meet the conditions required by the Town and that local government was not delaying the process. Other items that remain outstanding include the development’s affordable housing agreement, road and trail designs as well as details for a public washroom amenity.
During a public inquiry portion of the meeting, concerns were expressed that work on the development has started without the covenant being in place. Area resident David Stow stated he heard excavators working on the property over the first weekend in October and that evidence of the work is now visible. Staats said that the developer has been in contact with staff with requests to begin tree removal and excavation work, but that this work should not be progressing without permits in place. She said staff would be investigating Mr. Stow’s report and was working to arrange a site meeting with the developer.

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