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Grant-in-aid, volunteers beautify Chaster Park

Grant-in-aid, volunteers beautify Chaster Park


Volunteers help beautify the shoreline in Chaster Park by adding roses, trees, grasses and more. Photo submitted

Dirt was flying recently, when volunteers from the Elphinstone area along with Area E Director, Lorne Lewis, and Sam Adams, from the SCRD Parks Department, beautified the shoreline at Chaster Park.

Chaster Park is located in Gibsons on the lower portion of the Sunshine Coast. The area is a popular destination for picnics and beach walks.

The small park is blessed with plenty of beach access areas. Chaster Park is located at the bottom of Ocean Beach Esplanade.

Each year the shoreline is eroded by the ocean and it is necessary to continually do some restoration work. Last year, large boulders were placed along the shoreline to help break up the wave action. This year it was time to add more beauty to the area by planting trees, roses, and grasses, all happy with the salty ocean as a neighbour.

Elphinstone Electors’ (Community) Association members, along with Lorne Lewis and Sam Adams selected plants, arranged for the work to take place and spread the word for volunteers to come help. The Elphinstone Electors were successful in receiving a grant from SCRD’s Grant in Aid for the purchase of plants, soil and fertilizer. Much work was accomplished previous to planting with thanks to NB Contracting and Quality Farms for their kind donations.

The community is blessed with great volunteers, and all are invited to come and see the results of much sweat and sore muscles.

Jim Dorey


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