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Great events and the people who make it happen

Great events and the people who make it happen

Another set of beautiful summer days on the Sunshine Coast and more local events to go with them. Last weekend was the Sandcastle competition in Davis Bay organized by the Wharf Rats, as well as the Halfmoon Bay Fair at Coopers Green. It’s amazing that every year they can pack that many people and volunteers at Coopers Green, and there is so much for everyone to do. My children had a blast at both events so I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize some of the volunteers: Aldo, Susan, Maggie and others running around the beach at Davis Bay (great lines Aldo!) and the Halfmoon Bay Fair with their usual large complement of firefighters raising fire fighting money with great food! And all the community folk lending a hand (you kept it good and cold Paul and Otto). Without these many volunteers, events such as these, Canada Day, and the Duck Pluck, and many more to come wouldn’t happen. Bravo everyone, take a bow, my family certainly appreciates your hard work.

Darren Inkster, Sechelt

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