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‘Grow Your Own Dinner’ project offers advice

‘Grow Your Own Dinner’ project offers advice

The “Grow your Own Dinner” project is a garden mentorship program, sponsored by the Community Food Action Initiative and the One Straw Society.  For a small fee families and individuals interested in starting or improving their food garden can register to have an experienced organic garden mentor visit your garden. They will work with you to develop a garden design, select plants, and provide resources to help get you started growing food.

No plot is too small:  you can grow your own dinner even on a patio. To begin, simply send an email to stating your interest in the project.

Five reasons to grow your own food:

1. Reduce your food bills by supplementing your meals with healthy, easy to grow foods (think fresh kale, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and beans) from your garden.

2. Tantalize your taste buds with local and heirloom varieties that are not available in the grocery store.

3. Involve the whole family in the experience of growing food, and learn about where food comes from, and appreciate eating the bounty together.

4. Fresh food is healthier and tastier.

5. It is 2016 – we decided as a community to strive for growing 20 per cent of our food by 2020.

Come out to Seedy Saturday (March 12, 11am-4pmRoberts Creek Hall) to sign up for Grow Your Own Dinner in person, and while doing so enjoy the seed exchange, farm market, seed and seedling vendors, workshops and local cuisine.  Contact:, or for further details.


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