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Habitat dream homes for sale

Habitat dream homes for sale

In today’s tough economy, not many families can achieve the dream of home ownership.  However, this may be exactly the right time for you and your family to embark on that dream.  Habitat is now ready to partner with four more Sunshine Coast families to make their dreams a reality.
The first two families are thrilled to be situated in their new homes in Habitat’s new community village in Wilson Creek.  With all the ground work – services, landscaping plans and approvals in place to complete the next duplexes. Habitat is now looking forward to partnering with four more families who will become part of the growing Sunshine Coast Village neighbourhood.
What does it mean to partner with Habitat for a new home?  It means that Habitat will invite its new families to purchase their new home with no down payment and a compassionate, flexible mortgage based on approximately 25 percent of your family income.  It also means that the entire family, as well as their friends, can participate in accumulating the required 500 volunteer hours, or sweat equity, to help build up those hours more quickly. Since everyone has different talents and skills, Habitat provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, such as volunteering in their busy ReStore, in the Recycling program, doing construction or painting on site at Sunshine Coast Village, or assisting with special events and fundraisers.   With all these opportunities available, those 500 hours are often completed well before the families take possession of their new homes.
Habitat Sunshine Coast is proud to be a part of a proven system of home ownership that has provided more than a million homes for families world-wide over the last 40 years.  Habitat International has built single-family dwellings, duplexes and entire neighbourhoods where families now embark on new beginnings, new hope for security, comfort and a sense of pride.  To date, Habitat Sunshine Coast has now provided homes to six partnered families and not one family has missed a mortgage payment.  If a family’s income changes, their mortgage payment is adjusted accordingly.
It is a life-changing experience to witness that first moment when a family places their key into their new front door for the first time and opens their future to new possibilities.  It is a moment that is envisioned, then treasured by each and every Habitat volunteer and often witnessed with inevitable tears of joy. And, because not one Habitat house is built without the generosity and passion of community, the entire community is always invited to participate in a celebration of that generosity.  Most of you will remember our last celebration in September 2012 at the Grand Opening of Sunshine Coast Village.  Expect more of these celebratory events in the months and years to come as more Habitat families, maybe yours, step across the threshold into a new future.
If you are a first-time homebuyer who imagines you and your family in your own Habitat dream home, you are invited to go to  Review the basic qualifications and submit your own pre-application.  Habitat looks forward to meeting every eligible applicant and working with as many families as possible to achieve their dreams.   If you are a first-time home buyer with a dream to build a new future for your family, Habitat would like to partner with you to make that dream come true.

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