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Hail—and—farewell to SCRD fire chiefs

Hail—and—farewell to SCRD fire chiefs

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SCRD Director Frank Mauro (Area A – Pender Harbour), left, and SCRD Chair Garry Nohr congratulate Egmont and District Volunteer Fire Department Chief Peter Sly on his retirement. PHOTO SUBMITTED

The Sunshine Coast Regional District staff and directors are extremely proud of the volunteers we have, and one group serves year after year, its members on duty night and day. The regional district has five fire departments: Egmont, Pender Harbour, Halfmoon Bay, Roberts Creek, and Gibsons and areas E and F. Each area of the Sunshine Coast pays the costs of their own fire department through taxes. Each of the fire departments also does volunteer fundraising to purchase equipment and to support events in their local communities. The directors of the SCRD would like to thank the following retired fire chiefs and welcome the next set of fire department volunteer leaders to their new positions.

Peter Sly, Egmont; Greg Phelps, Halfmoon Bay; and Bruce Searle, Roberts Creek, have retired as fire chiefs in the last few years.

Peter Sly retired as Chief of Egmont and District Volunteer Fire Department (EDVFD) after serving as its first chief since 2004. He previously worked for Vancouver and Surrey Fire Departments, providing 46 years of continuous fire service. He was instrumental in starting up the EDVFD and is replaced by Kal Helyar. Kal runs Porpoise Bay Charters and was Deputy Chief for three years. He is also a member of Royal Canadian  marine Search and Rescue Unit 61 (Pender Harbour). Finding and retaining volunteers in the small Egmont Fire department is a major accomplishment for the past and also the present chief.

Greg Phelps has 34 years of service with Halfmoon Bay Volunteer Fire Department (MHBVFD), serving as chief from 1984 to 1990 and 1996 to 2011. He remains as Fire Hall Assistant and counts among his accomplishments purchasing five major fire vehicles and setting up Fire Hall #2 in Welcome Woods. Greg has much to do with the success of the Halfmoon Bay Fire department by recruiting and training a steady stream of skilled volunteers during his time as chief. Greg continues to be an active volunteer with the department. The HMBVFD current chief is Ryan Daley who joined the department in 1999, having served four years on the Howe Sound Fire Department. He has completed Justice Institute and other training and worked his way up through the ranks, including serving as Training Office. Ryan brings business and other valuable skills to the department and provides leadership for a mix of longstanding and new volunteers.

Bruce Searle, retired chief of Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire Department (RCVFD), trained in rope rescue, auto extrication, hazmat, and first aid. Bruce joined the department in 1987 and, after holding progressively more responsible positions, was chief from 2000 and 2012. Bruce is the Fire Hall Assistant for RCVFD and remains an active fire fighter. The new chief is Rob Michael, who has been with the department since 2001. He works at Howe Sound Pulp and Paper and has completed training with the Justice Institute. Prior to being chief Rob held various positions, including Assistant Chief and Training Officer. He continues to advocate for strong and effective training and volunteers.

The SCRD Board takes pride in honouring the previous chiefs and in welcoming the new ones.

Garry Nohr, Chair Sunshing Coast Regional District and Representative for Halfmoon bay, Area B.


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