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Haines: A vision for education on the Coast

Haines: A vision for education on the Coast

My son, who just turned five, and started kindergarten this year, tells me he wants to be a chocolate farmer. He plans to have a rocket to take him to work every day, because he knows that you can’t grow chocolate here on the Coast. He tells me that he plans to live at home with his momma. Bless his heart.

We all have a vision, a plan for our future. Success looks different to each of us. The Board believes in leading by example, learning by doing and thinking outside the box.

Our Vision: We are a community engaged in life-long learning and educational excellence.

Our staff are planning some exceptional experiences to learn and grow across the Coast over the next few years. From guest speakers to core competencies, our staff are engaged in their own professional development.

Our students are engaged in marine and environmental education and activism. They are deepening their understanding of climate change through age-appropriate discussions and lessons. The Board supports an environmental action plan for our facilities and our communities, saving 1,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide from our environment over the last four years.

We are actively discussing a Local Education Agreement with the shíshálh Nation to further support Indigenous culture in our schools. Our students are expanding their career opportunities with two of our train-in-trades programs, Professional Cook at Elphinstone and Auto Service Technician at Chatelech.

The board is grateful for partnerships with community schools across the Coast. They are doing incredible work to support families. The BC Children’s Mental Health Literacy Team has selected SD46 as one of the five rural districts interested in working together to support mental health literacy in our students and communities. We are actively engaging our parents through our Parent Advisory Councils and District Parent Advisory Councils engagement dinners, strategic planning presentations and a learning series for parents through the family engagement committee. The board is committed to engaging with local government to plan for the future of our communities.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A Barker.

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