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Halfmoon Bay OCP A-OK

Halfmoon Bay OCP A-OK

At its regular meeting of April 24, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Board adopted Bylaw 675: Halfmoon Bay Official Community Plan (OCP). With an overall theme of ‘Rural by Nature,’ the plan focuses on maintaining the community’s exceptional quality of life and abundant recreational opportunities, living in harmony with its natural environment and encouraging sustainable social and economic growth while respecting heritage.

The new OCP replaces the previous OCP adopted in 1990 and will guide land use and community planning by establishing general policies and principles that govern the overall direction of development, servicing and land use patterns in the Halfmoon Bay OCP area.

Garry Nohr, SCRD Board Chair and Electoral Area B Director notes that “Development of an OCP requires a strong understanding of local issues, sound decision making, broad public engagement and knowledge of provincial legislation.”

The OCP incorporates many SCRD key studies and plans and integrates with the shíshálh First Nation strategic land use plan. The shíshálh Chief and Council commented that this innovative approach for local planning is “another important example of our positive government to government working relationship.”

For more information contact Andrew Allen, Planning and Development, at 604-885-6804 extension 2, or visit for more information.


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