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Halfmoon Bay Store Development Permit Delayed

Halfmoon Bay Store Development Permit Delayed

The SCRD delayed its review of the re-development application for the Halfmoon Bay General Store property. This was done at the Nov 12 SCRD Planning and Community Development committee meeting to allow more public input and to ensure the proponents are aware of those discussions.
The development permit application review was deferred to the committee’s Dec 10 meeting. To avoid further delay of a Board decision on the application, the committee’s recommendations are to be forwarded to the Board that same day.
Halfmoon Bay Area Director Lori Pratt noted that Board Directors were receiving emails from area residents with questions and concerns about the application up to the start of the Nov 12 meeting. She stated that many neighbours of the Store site have told her that they are unsure that their input on the proposal has been considered by either the property owners or the SCRD.
The new owners of the property plan to rebuild the existing historic structures to allow for a grocery store, café, art studio, gift shop, gallery, office and one single family dwelling unit on the site. To do this requires reductions in lot setbacks and a variance from the SCRD’s parking standards.
Under current rules, 20 off street vehicle parking spaces and a loading zone would be required. The plan is to have two parking/loading spaces on the property and to continue to use the adjacent Mintie Road right of way (ROW) for parking. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) has jurisdiction over the ROW. MOTI has advised the proponent that they have no concerns or objections to the plan.
The committee asked staff to contact MOTI representatives to discuss potential area parking improvements in advance of its December meeting. Committee members noted that if improvements can be made, there may be an opportunity to ask the applicant to contribute toward the costs. It was noted that in addition to serving the Store site, members of the public park along the Mintie ROW when accessing adjacent beaches, trails, boat dock and the SCRD’s George Cormack Park.

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