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Help keep Dakota Ridge trails pristine

Help keep Dakota Ridge trails pristine

Dakota Ridge is an incredible and beautiful resource for residents right across the Sunshine Coast. Great areas to snowshoe, sled and cross-country ski, but the SCRD asks those with an off-road vehicle such as an ATV or snowmobile to please stay off the trails.
In recent weeks, trails that are impeccably maintained by dedicated volunteers have been torn up and destroyed by people driving off-road vehicles. This year, as more people head up to Dakota Ridge than ever before, it is important to make sure that they can get around safely and easily locate trails, particularly if this is their first time in the area.
“It is unfortunate to see a few people destroying the hard work of our amazing Dakota Ridge volunteers,” says Ian Hall, GM of planning and development. “We want Dakota Ridge to continue to be an incredible area for recreation for Sunshine Coast residents, so please, if you are driving an off-road vehicle, keep it off the trails.”
SCRD staff would also like to remind visitors to Dakota Ridge that the road servicing the area is also a logging road, so use caution while driving on it, stick to the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop or pull over if you meet a truck on the road.
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