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Homeopathic remedies to take travelling

Homeopathic remedies to take travelling

Planning on going away this summer? Add some effective and safe remedies to your first-aid kit to have on hand for you or your children?  For minor illnesses and injuries you can effectively use homeopathic remedies for many situations that arise while travelling.  Depending on where you will be, sometimes medical attention may not be readily available, and also, by taking homeopathic remedies you can potentially prevent a condition from escalating. Homeopathic remedies act quickly and are safe and gentle to use for adults and children. Here are a few to consider:

Arnica is the first remedy after accidents and injuries from falls for bruises and swelling, or for physical over exertion and over-straining.  Aconite is for shock, panic, fear and restlessness after an injury or accident or for anticipation for those who have a fear of flying.  Gelsemium is also helpful for fear of flying when lethargy becomes the dominant symptom accompanying the fear.  Arsenicum Album is effective for food poisoning.  Hypericum is helpful in relieving pain from injuries to parts rich in nerves, such as crushed fingers, toes and your tailbone.  Apis is useful for insect bites when there is much swelling and redness and it feels hot. Ledum is also used for insect bites to prevent swelling; it is especially good for people who react to mosquito bites.  Cocculus is used for motion sickness, either during or right before travel if you know that you or your child are prone to motion sickness where nausea, vomiting and dizziness are experienced.  Ruta is effective for injuries of torn and wrenched tendons, split ligaments of joints and for bruises of bones.

Homeopathic remedies can be found at most pharmacies and health food stores and are compact and easy to travel with. Take 3-5 doses (1-3 pellets) of your chosen remedy 20 – 30 minutes apart as soon as you or your child experience symptoms.  Once there is improvement of the symptoms then there is no need to continue taking the remedy. However, do not continue to take the remedy if there is no improvement after 3-5 doses.

If the condition is serious or becomes worse it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  Even if mild symptoms persist beyond your trip seek professional help.

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