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Horoscope July 12 to July 18

Tip of the Week: 

There is something very exciting and rare in the planetary alignments now. I am referring to a ‘Grand Trine’, where three planets exactly 120 degrees apart create a great triangle in the sky. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are the planets involved. Because these are three of the five far planets, this configuration is rare and powerful. A ‘Trine’ aspect in Astrology is linked to the element of fire and is generally considered the most creative and fortunate aspect of all. At worst, when too many Trines are present in one’s natal chart, it can produce laziness and excessive self-indulgence. In this case, each planet is pivotal. Neptune in Pisces (2011 – 2026) is in honour in its own sign and represents a process of mass spiritual awakening for all of humanity. Saturn in Scorpio (2012 – 2015) indicates where the cut is the deepest in terms of powerful change and transformation. Jupiter in Cancer as of June 25 is in one of its most auspicious sign placements. This cycle lasts for one year, and so its influence is extra important right now. It will synchronize with mass emotional expression and sentiment. The recent uprising with mass emotional expression and appeal for democracy in Egypt is a good example. Jupiter will also play another key role by virtue of the fact that it will activate the ongoing Square aspect (90 degrees) between Uranus and Pluto (2011 – 2016). In that configuration, it will contribute to a T-Square, which is a very powerful and charged energy pattern that produces change. The apex planet is where the energy is released and in this case it is Uranus in Aries. The impact of that aspect will become evident starting this month and especially in August and remain potent until April 2014. Find more on this topic next week.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) 

Some big changes close to home will be evident now – another chapter in a series which will continue for many months and be indicative of a veritable metamorphosis. This will likely impact the way you look as well as your overall outlook. Focusing to direct this flow positively is ideal and important.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) 

The time has come to lay a firmer foundation for the future. You want to extend your scope to encompass a larger vision and span of time. A consequent shift in your overall mode of perception is underway. It is influencing your thoughts and feelings regarding relationships. To succeed, certain modes of thought and behaviour must change.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) 

A desire to create a deeper and more reliable sense of security is on your mind. There are several areas gaining your attention. A change in your overall lifestyle is implied. Since good health is a cornerstone of security, it is a top priority. It may also be time to learn new skills for future income. Stretch your mind and your comfort zone.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Your confidence levels are rising and your focus is getting sharper. You have entered a time period when you will feel inspired to advance to the next level. Doing so will require extra effort. Fortunately, the impulse and energy to do so will be available to you. Still, you must cooperate consciously. The sooner you can get started the better.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23) 

Change is the law and sometimes it moves at an accelerated pace, like now. It is likely that many fears are stirring within. The key to overcome them is not only to acknowledge and accept the current flow of change, but to embrace it with faith and determination. It is as though you are in a grand process of graduation. Prepare, move and act to qualify for the next stage.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) 

An expansion of your overall outreach, network and/or circle of associations is underway. The biggest issue to overcome is the tendency to dream, but not act and follow through. You are meant to be in an important learning cycle, yet unless you are proactively engaged you could suffer from lack of direction. Work the angles to blaze a trail.

Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22) 

Some fresh and fertile seeds have been planted in the garden of your public and professional life. While building on past achievements will help, be careful not to lean on them too much. Acknowledge your will and determination to go forward with confidence that you have a lot to offer. As well, weave in a willingness to invest as necessary for future opportunities.

Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21) 

A potent creative cycle has begun for you. It requires that you look to the future and be willing to take new leads. Training of some kind is implied. Spiritually, your main challenge now is to be true to your core sense of individuality. A clear reflection of doing so will manifest as fresh starts in your attitude, philosophy habitual rhythms.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21) 

You have entered a deep cycle. It began almost a year ago and will continue for a couple more. It implies a deep purge and purification process. What used to be important and of value to you is steadily melting away. At best, all things spent, used and false will fall away and be replaced with new perspectives and orientations. This has likely already begun.

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19) 

The returns of past efforts and investments continue to roll in. These will reflect back to you the quality of your choices. Due to current influences, increased stimulation of your most important relationships is underway. The overall tone is likely to be charged, dynamic and dramatic, perhaps even aggressive. Work within to produce outer harmony.

Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19)

A big activation of change in your daily rhythm, routine and overall lifestyle continues. You feel confident that there is more you can have and achieve. Take key calculated risks and recognize that to succeed, you may have to let go of certain things, positions, situations and even people. The time has come to make your move.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The time has come to expand your scope and vision to see a bigger picture. In order not to get overwhelmed you must acknowledge your self, your determination and resourcefulness. While you should be experiencing a steady rise in confidence, the danger is that you will scatter your focus. Aim to express yourself on a variety of fronts, yet not too many.

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