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Weekly Horoscope May 20 – 26

Weekly Horoscope May 20 – 26

michael oconnor horoscopeTip of the Week: 

The storm of 5 planets retrograde is slowly lifting. The first to resume its forward motion was Jupiter on May 9th. Now Mercury on Sunday the 22nd under the light of the Full Moon in Sagittarius completes its 2nd of 3 retrograde cycles for 2016, the next occurring in late August. Then only on June 29 Mars will turn direct again and not before re-entering Scorpio on May 27th.

Although not an entirely rare occurrence, this time-window emphasizing planets retrograde included a powerful conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius with Jupiter compromised in Virgo, which is one of its two most challenging sign positions. This complex pattern will continue well into summer and, at best, is serving to bring accumulations and issues to the surface to be cleaned, cleared, recycled, renovated and repurposed and on both individual and collective levels.

The Sun entering Gemini on May 20th on the eve of the Full Moon Sagittarius on May 21st will contribute by way of supporting clarity and social brevity.

Aries (Mar 21–Apr 20)

Perpetuating your focus to be grounded and centered continues. Your sights are set on investments and long-term plans and establishing new foundations. Circumstances are preventing you from hovering in dreams of possibility and are demanding a realistic focus and attitude.

Taurus (Apr 20–May 21)

You are undergoing a steady and measurable flow of change due to current cycles that are commanding your attention. Whether within or without, or both, you are challenged to yield. This is less a time of trying to control circumstances and more one of adapting to them. Yet, personal empowerment is part of the plot.

Gemini (May 21–Jun 21)

The Sun entering your sign will activate a pioneering urge. With Mercury also turning direct on May 22nd, what may be described as a foggy period will begin to dissipate this week, as well. There remain, however, certain players on your stage who may be posing challenges. Avoid confrontations and quietly watch, listen and learn instead.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 22)

New interests, investigations, and adventures are more than just on your mind. Perhaps you are simply bored and restless. The challenge now may be deciphering your focus. With a variety of options gaining your attention, deepening your focus on time management may prove necessary.

Leo (Jul 22–Aug 23)

Regaining a sense of confidence will coincide with a cycle of social activity. Sometimes it is what you know while at others it is who and this is likely to be a time for the latter. As important as are dreams and even fantasies in life, the times comes when we must test them against the rigors or reality, like now.

Virgo (Aug 23–Sep 22)

Over the course of this week, you should experience a new sense of clarity and purpose. You may have felt a little lost over the past few weeks but that cycle is now ending. Already, inspirations to socialize and engage is cultural activities are uploading in your mind. Tune-in and make the most of this opening.

Libra (Sep 22–Oct 22)

Many new ideas and intellectual initiatives have begun to take root. Perhaps you have just begun with them or are resuming what was started in the past. Either way, you are in a visionary mood. You may still be in the research and investigation phase but over the coming weeks, you will be ready to increase your popularity.

Scorpio (Oct 22–Nov 21)

You have been called to a new level of participation in the world. It could manifest as a new job, or relationship, or purpose, or a new lifestyle altogether. This turn of destiny defies mere notions of chance. Your challenge now is to simply respond, yet with determination and by way of new associations.

Sagittarius (Nov 21–Dec 21)

A summons from on high to be more grounded and realistic is underway. While it began a while back, it is now entering its next effective stage of development. It is as though the weekend celebrations are over and it is early Monday morning. With a good attitude, you will hear the birds and answer the call with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Capricorn (Dec 21–Jan 19)

The time has come to implement new ideas and strategies into your game plan. Fortunately, you are in a creative mood. Deliberately cultivating your skills and talents and other resources is featured. The deep end of this process includes confronting inner doubts, blocks, and fears. Identifying them is the first step.

Aquarius (Jan 19–Feb 19)

Following through with establishing a more realistic and satisfying home base continues. Yet, now it is entering an even more creative phase. This may include simply having more fun, socializing and enjoying entertainments in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps the time is right to host a party.

Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20)

A steady stream of fresh ideas and perspectives are flowing in. Whether by inspiration or desperation you feel the need to act upon them. Getting organized may be the best first measure. This includes outlining plans and setting goals. You may also feel the need to diversify and perhaps to activate new streams of income.

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