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How dangerous is it?

How dangerous is it?

(Re: “COVID misinformation,” Letters, the Local, Dec. 10)
Mr. Maser bristles at those who challenge COVID-19 lockdown measures. Most Coasters are likewise irritated by fellow citizens who balk at directives from health authorities. Lots of media coverage about that. But what of the anger and frustration and sleepless nights and censorship and social marginalization of those whose due diligence suggests our policymakers may be overreacting. BCs death rate, for instance. Are we breaking records in 2020? Sure, something’s happening out there, but how dangerous is it? Death by acute respiratory ailment—does the 2020 data scream “State of Emergency”? If not, then what’s really going on? If not, then which information is the real misinformation?
PJ Reece, Lower Gibsons

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  1. Mr. Reece, investigating the ‘collateral’ effects of Covid-19, in most jurisdictions reporting data accurately, reveals many effects emerging as a reflection of this virus’ significance in addition to death rates. These include rates of hospitalization and/or acute / intensive care, long-term persistent health issues, etc. While you’re doing your ‘due diligence’ remember to watch the news; in the US – where health measures have been widely resisted because of misinformation, health care response systems are now in critical care themselves, with hospitalization and death rates exploding off the charts. Is that something you’d fancy for this region? If your ‘due diligence’ isn’t sourced from public health care professionals and infectious disease experts who rely on peer-reviewed research then you just answered your own question about the source of misinformation, which was the point of my letter last week.

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