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How the Coast voted

How the Coast voted

Liberal Patrick Weiler won the most votes on the Sunshine Coast in the Oct. 21 federal election, but his plurality was less than in the whole riding.

And, the Coast gave the Green and NDP candidates more votes than the Conservative, flipping the official result in the whole West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding.

An examination of the poll-by-poll results of the four main parties shows Weiler won about 30.4 per cent of votes on the Coast – compared with his winning total of 34.9 per cent, when West Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler are included.

Green candidate Dana Taylor came second on the Coast, with 25.5 per cent (compared with his whole riding result of 22.2 per cent) and NDP candidate Judith Wilson – the only candidate who lives on the Coast – came third with 22.4 per cent (compared with her whole riding result of 13.9 per cent).

Conservative candidate Gabrielle Loren came fourth on the Coast, with 21.7 per cent (down from her second place, 26.9-per-cent finish in the whole riding.) 


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