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How to make the Sunshine Coast a more sustainable community?

How to make the Sunshine Coast a more sustainable community?

It’s that time of year, not for monsters and ghosts (although it is that), but for sharing our ideas and vision for the future. Yes, election season is a time to talk. Community-building is a creative process, after all, and, like any creative process, requires research, reflection and communication. The first idea is not always the best idea, but we must have the courage to make an informed suggestion, to get the ball rolling and see where it goes next.

In that spirit, the library hosts “Enter the Dragon’s Den: Sustainability Contest.” Nearly four months ago, we asked, “How can we make the Sunshine Coast a more sustainable community?” Many of you made your informed suggestions, offering up ideas from community forums to large-scale eco-tourism projects. On Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 6pm, we invite Sunshine Coasters to hear these creative and visionary ideas from our finalists.

Each finalist has just five minutes to make their pitch: “Like speed-dating or a long elevator pitch,” says co-coordinator, Ben Rusuisiak. After “dating” our contestants, attendees may vote for the People’s Choice winner by secret ballot (because why not have another election?), while the jury – Michael Wilson, Mark Cameron and Leonie Croy – deliberates on its choice. Stay and chat with the finalists to learn more about these ideas. Coast Cable TV will be on site to broadcast the event.

And now back to monsters and ghosts…or, rather, dungeons and dragons. (That was my Halloween disguise for a non-sequitur—how did I do?) On Friday, Oct. 19, 5:30-7:30pm, parents are invited to attend the monthly after-hours “Dice & Dragons” game night for youth grades 5 and up. Learn more about how to play this wildly popular role-playing game, and use “LARPing” in a sentence.

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