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Inclusion of student voice vital to School Board

Inclusion of student voice vital to School Board

The opportunity to be the Student Trustee for School District No. 46 has expanded my horizons in ways I never anticipated.  As Student Trustee, I have met regularly with our administration and elected trustees, and have had the opportunity to offer my perspective on issues that directly affect students. We have discussed many different topics, including bus routes, student mental health, and technology in schools.  This avenue for students to have their ideas and opinions heard supports student engagement, as it values and gives a platform for the voices of students.  It also helps our trustees connect to the lived experiences of the students themselves, and taps into the creative and fresh ideas that students can offer. It makes sense that a student-centred system such as education would provide opportunities to engage with and be responsive to students.  However, it turns out that School District No. 46 is progressive in these views. When I began this role earlier this year, ours was one of only two BC districts to have the role of student trustee written into policy.  Our superintendent and trustees actively promote this vision, and we presented several times to provincial and municipal audiences in order to help others discover the benefits of including a student at the trustee table.

This year, our small district has had a big impact on the rest of the province, as we have helped others move forward with the inclusion of student voice.  We successfully brought forth three motions to the BC School Trustees Association designed to include students in the education system.  We have impacted school districts across the province as well as the school experience for students.  By having students discuss issues at a district level, and encouraging others to follow suit, our district is shaping the future.

I would like to thank the current Board of Trustees for supporting the student voice with such dedication and commitment. These Trustees have created and advocated for change throughout the province with the best interest of students in mind.

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