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It’s almost that time

Election time is when we assess how things are going and decide if there should be a ‘change of the guard’. After just returning from a month in the UK I must say, we are very lucky in where we live! We were there, along with the other 64 million people, holding our breath waiting to see whether, after centuries of successful partnership, Scotland would separate. It was too close to call, it’s like that when you’re dealing with people’s emotions, not logic. Fortunately (we think) the NO vote passed and life will go on, comfortably as before.

When it’s time to vote on November 15th think carefully about your vote, this is not a popularity contest. Are you happy with the way things are functioning and looking around our community, is it sustainable? We like what we see, not just the visual improvement but the vibrancy and energy that’s in the air. We like it, also, that we now see SOLD signs where we once just saw FOR SALE signs, we like it all! In the meantime, let’s all get together and show respect for those who are taking on the onerous task of running for office. Let’s make Sechelt shine; it’s disrespectful to our community and therefore all of us, when a truck carrying a portable toilet plastered with “flush the john” stickers drives around town. It reflects badly on all of us. Let’s practice that which we try to instill in our children and play nice – play fair!

Carolyn Minchin

Sechelt, BC

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