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I’ve been hoodwinked

I’ve been hoodwinked

(Addressed to MLA Nicholas Simons and government ministers, and copied to the Local.)

As the months and years tick by it becomes all the more obvious how little you really care about seniors in this community and across the province.

Isn’t it about profit?

Well I have to call you on this because the facts are all too clear now.

And even our local mayor and council follow you like a flock of sheep.

To every one of you, I say shame.  One day some, if not all, of you will end up in a seniors care facility with some debilitating ailment to spend the rest of your days bedridden at the mercy of someone trying to squeeze as many dollars as possible from your last days on this planet.

I have been hoodwinked by your government. Do you honestly think anybody who cares would vote for you again?

Al Jenkins, Sechelt

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