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Job of a trustee goes beyond the board

Job of a trustee goes beyond the board

As school trustees, we not only sit at the board table to discuss policy, strategic planning, and student learning, but we also sit on many other outside committees within the community. We do this in order to have not only have our voice heard but also to learn and to listen to the outside goings-on in the community that concern our students.  I have had the honour in the past of sitting on the transportation advisory committee, where student ferry fees, speed-limits, line-painting in school areas and bike lanes were brought to the table.  Now, I have the pleasure to be sitting on the aptly named “healthy schools” committee.

Generally, representatives from six different groups meet, each with their own expertise and/or experience to bring to the “healthy schools” table.  SD46 is represented by the director of instruction, student support services, Vanessa White, and myself.  Vancouver Coastal Health is represented by Carol McGuire, public health nurse and Meghan Molnar, dietician.  Kim Sullivan represents Child and Youth Mental Health; Greg Russell, a fellow trustee, brings information from youth action & awareness committee; Kim Watts and Adrianne Gadd come from SCRD recreation and Jo Thompson and Marilyn Baines represent district parent advisory councils and parent groups.

This committee meets every three months to discuss all subjects regarding overall student and staff well-being: current health issues, mental health, addiction, immunizations, nutrition, training opportunities, Pro-D activities, emergency procedures, family impact, etc. Each member takes a turn at the round table to update and discuss issues and important information as it pertains to their field.   They also work together to review district regulations.  This is an on-going process to ensure that our regulations stay current and relevant.

The opportunity to share information, and to keep updated on new findings within this committee, helps our schools stay healthy schools.

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