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John Weston: Why I voted no

John Weston: Why I voted no

The binary voting system “support/oppose”, though essential to our Parliament, often obscures the true nature of debate in our democratic institutions.

For instance, I voted against Bill C-603 Dec. 10 in the House of Commons, a measure that would have required new or imported large trucks to have sideguards.

Did that mean I opposed the motive of the Bill? No, I support the motive, to cut down on cycling and pedestrian fatalities caused when truckers unwittingly crush cyclists.

Did the vote signify a disinterest in cyclists? Ironically, I’ve championed active transportation, including cycling. I created Bike Day on the Hill and worked with cycling groups across Canada last year to launch Bike Day in Canada. Annually, I “Ride my Riding”; participate in the Vancouver-Whistler Gran Fondo, Rotary Ride for Rescue, and other cycling events. I also commute to work on a bike. I love cycling.

Did my vote against C-603 signal my stance about health and fitness generally? In fact, only minutes before the vote on 603, MPs had stood unanimously to pass Bill S-211, the Bill crafted by Senator Nancy Greene Raine and me to create National Health and Fitness Day in Canada. Many of the MPs were wearing a bicycle lapel pin I had provided.

Did my vote reflect an opinion on the mover of the 603? In fact, I respect NDP MP Hoang Mai (Brossard – La Prairie), among other things, for the way he has stimulated debate about the importance of cycling safety in Canada.

Is the vote on a bill the end of the discussion? No, in fact, the vote may trigger a discussion whose results accomplish more than would have been accomplished by passing the Bill. In my case, I have communicated with my Bike-Partisan Steering Committee, a group of cycling advocates who help inform me about bike-related issues. We are more dedicated than ever to accomplish our goals, such as advocating for healthy physical exercise and safe cycling; promoting the economic and tourism aspects of cycling; and advocating for fiscal incentives for cycling.

So why did I oppose C-603? I wanted to support Mr. Mai’s motives in promoting safe cycling but opposed the Bill for its cost and ineffectiveness. I learned that, although tragic, the true number of annual mortalities is extremely low in the type of event targeted by C-603; and the measures proposed might not be as effective as other measures to prevent such horrible incidents; and that the measure would have cost the trucking industry half a billion dollars, over a period of several years.

John Weston, MP

West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country

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