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July’s celestial delights

July’s celestial delights

ColumnHead-StargazingIn the month of July we will have a full moon on the 1st a new moon on the 15th and a second full moon or “blue moon” on the 31st. The δ Aquarid meteor shower peaks on the 29th, but the moon being nearly full will make it difficult to see fainter meteors. Mercury will be visible in the morning sky from the 1st to the 16th. Venus will be brightest on the 10th and will be within 0.4 degrees of Jupiter on the 1st and 6.4 degrees separated on the 31st. Jupiter will be low in the WNW evening twilight in Leo. Saturn will be in the evening sky in Libra. Uranus rises near midnight in Pisces. On the 18th observers will have a nice grouping of the crescent Moon with Venus and Jupiter in the evening twilight. Check out our new Sunshine Coast Centre observatory: we can schedule visits for families and groups. For more information on our Centre:

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