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Keep your cat inside

Keep your cat inside

The District of Sechelt is asking residents to keep their cats indoors for the protection of birds, the safety of the cat and to be a good neighbor. After consideration of a cat bylaw, Council decided education was a more appropriate tactic for handling cat concerns than tickets.

The education campaign began last week on social media featuring memes of a cat named Lollipop who has transitioned from being an outdoor cat to an indoor cat. Residents can learn more about cat care on the District website at

“There is so much more to cat-care than just food and regular shots. An outdoor cat will live only two to five years but an indoor one can live up to 20 years, so bringing your cat indoors is good for your cat and good for your relationship with your neighbor,” said Julie Rogers, communications manager.

The District of Sechelt receives complaints from residents concerned about cats defecating in their yards and killing birds and other small wildlife.


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