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Kenmac Auto Parts: Celebrating 60 years in business

Kenmac Auto Parts: Celebrating 60 years in business

Kenmac Auto Parts is turning 60 this year and knows that family values have been their road to success. As with raising a family, times are filled with successes, joy, learning, growth spurts, and struggles, but through it all, they are always together.

Creating an environment of service excellence keeps their business, as well as your vehicle, in peak performance. Throughout the years, Kenmac Auto Parts established themselves as the local supplier of auto parts, car accessories, auto body parts, automotive needs, tools, and high performance parts. Customers then asked for recreation vehicle parts and accessories as well as everything for marine trailer and towing requirements.

Shawn Boyd, Owner, Kenmac Auto Parts

With the plethora of modern, hybrid and electric vehicles now available, Kenmac Auto has upgraded their supplies to meet changing vehicle requirements. That’s one of the advantages of being in the business for so many years – they know everybody. They pride themselves on going above and beyond in servicing their customers’ needs, and have a reputation for finding ‘hard-to-find’ parts.

It’s not only car parts that fall into their wheelhouse; Kenmac Auto also carries car audio, camping and water sport accessories, welding parts, car paints (now also available in paint can size), and vehicle safety preparedness items such as their Omeals products (self-heating, ready to eat meals), first aid kits, and blankets among other safety supplies. They also install your car audio machine drums and rotors and can change your wiper blades while you wait.

Available this year is the ability to recycle oils and antifreeze. Kenmac Auto Parts will fill another need on the Coast and be able to take these sensitive products from customers and recycle them in an environmentally friendly way. An invaluable service and commitment to their customers’ needs, ethical values, and our environment.

Kenmac’s clients run the gamut from being like Enzo Ferrari – “I don’t drive just to get from A to B, but to enjoy feeling the car’s reactions, becoming part of it” – or as simple as their clients just desperately needing their wiper blades changed.

Most clients however, fall into the category of DIYers who love to tinker with their vehicles. Having a supplier of parts that cares and shares stories and helpful tips with their customers is part of what makes Kenmac Auto Parts who they are and why they have continued to be a successful family business.

Steadfast in their commitment to their customers and community, Kenmac Auto sponsors the Father’s Day car show, Coast Car Club, Elphinstone Drag Race Team, their Secret Santa night of sales, and other community events throughout the year.

Kenmac Auto has built a solid company over the last 60 years. They have relied on their strong family values and applied them to business: exceptional customer service, involvement in the community, and serving the Coast as best they can. In turn they are grateful for their loyal customers and open relationships that fuel their drive to supply all your vehicle needs and dreams.

Join Kenmac July 6th to celebrate 60 years in business!  1045 Gibsons Way, 604-886-2031.

– Natalie Findlay

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