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Lack of respect

Lack of respect

(Addressed to Gibsons council, and copied to the Local)

We reside at 481 Eaglecrest Drive, very close to the proposed project by TC Development in partnership with Ankeman Marchand Architects. To be blunt, we find the scale of this project to be outrageous. We are not opposed to development in principle, but please let’s not destroy the small town environment that attracted us (and many others) to Gibsons in the first place.

To go from single family zoning to proposing almost 100 units on less than five acres is exceedingly aggressive and unfair to existing homeowners. The entire neighbourhood is a cul-de-sac with just two access roads, Shaw and O’Shea. The increase in traffic on Shaw would be considerable, especially in light of the proposed Trellis facility and possible low-income development at the end of Shaw.

We would also like to point out that there is significant pedestrian, dog-walking and bicycle traffic on Eaglecrest Drive, particularly in front of the proposed Eagleview development. This is especially true in the early mornings and evenings as people make their way to and from the Inglis trail at the end of the street. Except for one tiny stretch, there are no sidewalks on Eaglecrest and Oceanmount. Walking and biking can be hazardous in the evenings (especially in the dull winter rain) because these streets are very poorly lit.

The OCP specifically states that development should not be at the expense of existing views or the scale and character of an existing neighbourhood. The developer must be aware of this… their proposed development shows a clear lack of respect for our community. Let’s not turn Gibsons into a mini North Vancouver. Please reject the developer’s rezoning request and invite them to come back when they have something more reasonable.

Marian Williamson & 

Robert Burdett, 


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