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Letter: Lions roar 

Letter: Lions roar 

The new 2015 – 2016 Gibsons Lions Club Executive was installed this summer.  The following folks have taken on important positions in the Club that will ensure success in our events:  Director Fabienne Bonnici; Membership Director Elizabeth Nordlund; President Bob Nordlund; Director Martine Lauzier; Vice-President Leona Quick; Lion Tamer Linda Patterson; Recording Secretary Tracy Lund;  Corresponding Secretary Greg Collins; Tail Twister Jim Barnes; Treasurer Judy Charboneau.

The Club is very active in the Robert’s Creek to Langdale area.

If the fund-raising efforts do well this year, the Gibsons Lions anticipate being able to give back to the South Sunshine Coast community over $27,000.  The Lions Club is one of the few charitable organizations in the world that returns 100% of monies collected from the community, back to the community.

Elizabeth Nordlund

Membership Director, 

Gibsons Lions Club

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