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Letter: Water vs development

Letter: Water vs development

Gibsons council is totally “out of sink” with the correlation between development and an adequate water supply.

Regarding our current situation (water restrictions) and a council that considers community planning secondary to a need for more development (subdivisions, condominiums, hotels) to increase a tax base, they have little consideration for the entire community, who must suffer the consequences of bad planning and poor management.

A “given” would be to establish a moratorium on all development until the “saturation point” between dwellings and water supply is studied and established before going any further.

There is a total lack of foresight by Gibsons Council and they cannot claim they could not see this coming.

Keith Receveur, Gibsons


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  1. Those are great ideas, perhaps that is why they have already been done. It may be news to you but the ToG paid for a very comprehensive aquifer mapping project. The reports from that study are on the Towns website and the engineers 2 hour report to council where he reviews and explains the findings of the report is on youtube. Since it appears you don’t have any time to do your own research I can give you the headline which is that the aquifer can support at least twice the population of Gibsons at current usage and taking into consideration climate change and sea level rise.

    Next time please check your facts

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